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Horizon Piped Ice System for Fresh Fish Display.

Overview of Follett Piped Ice for the Display and Presentation of Wet Fish

Typically ice is made and stored remotely from a Supermarket wet fish deck.  This requires manual transporting of the ice from the storage point to the fish deck prior to trading.

A total transported ice weight is typically 250kg.

The Follett piped ice system makes and delivers ice directly to the fish deck.  This is done by piping ice through an overhead tube to arrive directly onto the fish deck.  This ice piping process is completed overnight outside trading hours.

Many advantages accrue as follows:-

  1. Labour saving.  Ice delivered direct to deck.  No lifting, carrying ice.  Time saved typically 36 minutes daily.
  2. Reduced risk of spilling ice onto shop floor, therefore reduced risk of employee/public injury claims due to slips and trips.
  3. No scooping, lifting, storing or carting of ice.
  4. Ice delivered directly to fish deck reducing risk of cross-contamination.
  5. No heat or noise generated during trading hours.  Better for store personnel, better for customers.
  6. No equipment needed to store and transport ice.  This eliminates required cleaning and sanitizing procedures currently performed by store personnel.
  7. Pre-planning allows Piped Ice machines to be sited remote from retail area.    This frees up shop space and allows machine maintenance/service to be actioned any time of day behind the scenes.
  8. To compliment the piped ice system a purpose made fish deck is available.  This deck is features the unique ability to store ice.  This enables some 80kg of ice to be stored in the fish deck for use during trading negating the need to leave the fish display unattended to obtain “top-up” ice.
  9. Note the model ‘Horizon’ piped ice machine is available with energy saving “Hydrocarbon” technology