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From a couple of railway arches in Fulham in 1978 Ice Cool Services now occupies two 4000 sq ft properties in the expanding town of Bicester Oxfordshire.  Initially the Company majored on “back of bar” refrigeration service for the Brewery trade including the sale of ice machines via a distributorship.  Expansion encompassed the supply of related catering equipment whilst the ice machine interest progressed to sole UK agent for a number of American ice machine manufacturers.

Such was the success of the ice equipment business particularly with the UK Supermarkets and Fast Food restaurants that from 1998 the Company focussed entirely on ice.  Importantly the ability to offer UK wide after sales support was retained. Amongest our competitors this ability has remained unique to Ice Cool Services and has proved a great strength in the sale of its products.

To date the Company has achieved its ultimate aim in becoming independent by way of manufacture of its own ice machines renowned for innovation and long life.  A long way from the railway arches.

Our Mission

We are a small UK Company dedicated to the manufacture of innovative, reliable and environmentally friendly ice machines selling direct to our customers at competitive prices.

We differ from our large global competitors in that we offer UK wide service support for our products by directly employed factory trained Technicians. Our mission is to retain this difference to the benefit of our customers and the Company.

The Company was formed in 1978. Since 1986 we have been satisfying the ice demand of many UK ‘blue-chip’ Companies our mission is to retain this business whilst seeking further opportunities.


To be fair in all our dealings with customers, suppliers and our long serving employees fostering a positive and rewarding environment to the benefit of all.

An awareness that energy and material resources require to be used efficiently to minimise their impact on the environment and building this awareness into all aspects of our business.


To build a profitable and respected Company that ongoing is an asset to all concerned.